Saturday, May 4, 2013

Warhammer 40k Battle Royal!

So last night I ran a free event at my store which we called a Battle Royal.  We played on a 3' x 3' Zone Mortalis board (that I have yet to paint...), and we had 5 people show up.  Everyone brought 1 HQ choice, no special characters, no wargear that has the Instant Death special rule or removes models outright.  We did however allow models to be instant killed by failing a save from a weapon that is double their toughness.

We used standard Zone Mortalis rules, which roughly means nothing on a base larger than 60mm, no ordnance weapons, templates gain the Shred special rule, etc.  Doors were placed before any players placed their models, and we decided that there is two ways somebody can open a door: roll a 4+ while touching the door in your movement phase, where passing the roll allows you to control the door for your turn and you can continue your movement, and a failure means your movement is done for the turn, and the other way is to destroy the door.  As per the Zone Mortalis rules, the doors are AV13 with 1 Hull Point.

The rules were further altered in some fun ways.  You are allowed to shoot into assaults that you are not a part of, with wounds being allocated to the nearest player, and blast templates hitting any models touched.  This made flamers an amazing choice to take.  We also decided to have all of the players roll for turn order every round, which made it a lot harder to plan a strategy, since you didn't know who was moving in what order in the next turn.

The player who went first in the first round placed his model first.  We had the first player place anywhere he wanted, and then went in turn order with each subsequent player placing his model no closer than 18" away from another model.  This was not a true 18", but instead it was measured following the hallways in the fastest path between any two models.

The game lasted almost 45 minutes, since quite a few players played very defensively and waited for their fellow players to either die or lose some wounds before jumping into the fray.  The winner ended up being a fully loaded Space Marine Captain in Artificer Armour, with a close second being a Necron Overlord with a bunch of shenanigans packed in.  It was a very close game between those two.

Anyways, we all had a lot of fun, and we played several more games afterwards, which I actually played in since their was no prize, it was just fun.  I don't play in any of my free events since it would seem shady if I were to win.  I bought a bunch more Tau stuff, and once I find some fishing net, I will knock out my Salamanders models and the Tau stuff and post pictures of those as I get the airbrushing done.  Until next time, stay classy internet!

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