Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Played with some Tau today...

And holy broken, haha!  I ran a 1500 point list that ran roughly like the following:

Daemons w/ Tau Allies:

Herald of Nurgle
Herald of Nurgle
20x Plaguebearers
9x Nurglings
Soul Grinder w/ Mark of Nurgle

Commander Farsight
12 Fire Warriors
Sun Shark Bomber

So that's excluding wargear, which there wasn't much of to be honest, and I only took Farsight because I bought him for his looks before reading the codex.  He is a great HQ in my opinion, but only if you're running his 7 Crisis Suit honor guard.

Anyways, a very brutal game against a 1500 point Dark Eldar Wych list.  I deployed second but stole the initiative, and left my Nurglings in the middle of the board as bait.  I then made a gun line with my Tau, and shot everything to hell.  The game was over at the beginning of turn three, and I have to say, I feel that Tau have some real shenanigans in their codex.  That Riptide is just BRUTAL.  Anyways, I'll post pictures up soon, so thanks for tuning in and catch me again later this week.


  1. booo.....

    *drinks haterade angerily....

    1. Haha. Yeah, the list played rather cheesey so I won't be playing it outside of competitive play, where I'm not even sure it would be great, but it wasn't really a fun list to play casually.