Saturday, March 23, 2013

So it's been nearly three months...

Yeah, so it's been a very long while since I have posted anything, but don't despair!  I have actually been working on quite a few things since we all have last spoke.  Check below the bump for more info on all of that.

So like I was saying, I have been up to a lot.  I have working like a madman at my new store, and I am pleased to say that I have created a fun environment, as well as managing a job that lets me paint during the day!  I have been expanding on my Death Guard army, as well as a whole slew of Nurgle daemons for it as well.  Haven't had too much of a chance to finish up any models for that though, since my ADHD stops me every few steps, haha.  I did manage to knock out this model though, which is for my all Forge World 30k Emperors Children army I have been putting together.  One of my coworkers and I are working on 4000 point lists, which should be epic.  I have most of my army now, but at the FW prices I can only get so much every month.  Anyways, check out some more angels on this thing.

This is mounted on a 60mm Secret Weapon Miniatures Trench Works base, which is INCREDIBLE if you haven't seen them.  Pretty solid sculpt that let me pose this beast in a very fun way.  I also used their Amethyst Wash for this, as well as some of their weathering powders to dirty up this beasty.

I have also painted a Forge World Angron, which is an amazing model to work with.  It is very finely sculpted, which makes painting all of the detail super easy.  It's currently sitting in a display case at my store, so I'll have to take my camera in and snap some photos of it next week.

In other news, I may be bringing in some local painters to help me with my blog, so stay tuned for more info on that.  It's time for me to watch a movie with the wifey though, so thanks for catching up with me, and stay classy folks!


  1. Dunno how this slipped by me - brilliant work, man! I love how the pose turned out, and that base is rad. Excellent!

    1. Thanks man! I have some more pics which I need to get up here, but I'm working on a few more things that I want to post all at the same time.