Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Update time!!!

So yes, I am finally adding more pictures.  However, these were taken with my iPhone, so they aren't necessarily the best quality.  They will certainly do for the time being, however.  So this is the knee pad of the Chaos Reaver Titan I am working on.  For more pictures, check below!!!

Here are all the parts that I have managed to get some work in on so far.  There was a lot of time not spent on painting due to family coming down for Thanksgiving, me getting a job, etc.  But it is coming along nicely in my opinion.

Here is a closer look at the side of the legs.  I used two different metallics on the legs, which I think draws more attention to the different parts of it, where as only a few shades of silver would make it all blend.  I think it pops nicely this way.

Here is gun arm #1.  Obviously I need to finish the Chaos symbol on the side, but it's essentially done other than that.

And here is gun #2.  See comments on gun #1.

This is a second Blight Drone I am doing on commission.  The rust is out of focus, but I was trying to get the skin, so it's all good.

Here is a front view of said Blight Drone.  It is a sexy beast in my opinion.

Here is my Death Guard Warpsmith.  I haven't touched it in a while, and I want to make some minor changes to it like going over the gold trim that you can't even tell exists in these picture, and touching up the rusting on the arms so it looks like multiple colors instead of a brownish orange.  Things like that.

And finally another shot of the same model.  Seriously though, I can't even make out the worn gold trim.  It needs work...

So yeah, there we have some pictures and an update, all thanks to my new iPhone :D  Yay me for finally embracing the digital age and getting a smart phone, haha.  I'll post more works in progress as they come, and feel free to leave any constructive criticism you all may have!  I am now off to watch MiB 3 with the wifey!!! 


  1. Nice! The titan is coming along great! Really digging the blight drones and the tachpriest - glad to see you posting again, keep up the fantastic work!

    1. Thanks man! I had a lot of tech issues, as well as other obligations, coupled with general laziness, all of which bogged me down. Feels great to get myself started again though.

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