Thursday, October 11, 2012

Greater Brass Scorpion done!!!

So yes, as this title states, this thing is FINALLY done!  It took me WAY too long to complete, but I'm sure my friend is going to go banana sandwich when he sees it tomorrow.  I have to apologize for the really crappy pictures here.  I wanted to take great ones since it was finally done, but it seems my 2 year old thought otherwise when he took my memory card for my nice camera off my desk and hid it God knows where...  But anyways, check below for more!

Here is the front view.  Such a sexy beasty!

Now the other side!  I have to say, this was a great model to work with, but deceptively detailed.  I figured I would knock it out in a few days, but the more I painted, the more I noticed that I needed to paint >.<  I lost motivation along the way as well, and while I am glad that it is now done, I have absolutely zero motivation to paint mine, haha.  It will probably just stay in its bags on the shelf for a while.

As for my other stuff, the Warpsmith and Mauler Fiend are coming along nicely!  I have the armour weathered, so now I just need to start on the actual detail...yay me.  They are wonderful models though, and quite small in comparison with what I just painted, so it should be a nice break.    Here is what the Mauler Fiend is looking like currently:

So yes, armour weathered, now on to the fleshy parts, and then the trim on the armour, and then the glowy bits!!!!  Anyhow, it's past 1am here and I have class tomorrow afternoon, so I'm off to bed.  Take care and feel free to leave some C&C if you have any.


  1. Nice job on the Brass Scorpion. Have always wanted to get one and paint it up, but am glad to hear that it is more difficult than what it seems. Size issues aside of course!

    Nice start on the mauler fiend also.. will follow these projects with interest!

    1. I appreciate it! Yeah, the underside seemed very simple but painting the cables black without loosing detail was tough. I ended up painting a near black, then building up with dry brushes of slightly lighter near backs, to a final highlight of every single cable, which may be around 200+, with a dark grey. I then washed it all with black ink, and it looks great, but that alone took me like two days to do it right.

      The Mauler Fiend and Nurgle Warpsmith are for my Death Guard army that I haven't touched since I first heard rumors of the new codex. Now that I have no commission work on my plate, that is going to be my main focus, so check back for more as I put pictures out!

  2. Indeed, nice scorpion. I painted one up a awhile back, I remember it being a pain to pose at the time. How did you find it?

    1. I actually recieved this fully assembled, and had to break the plates off to paint it, haha. From what I understand though, it was far from "fun" to assemble. The worst model I have ever put together though was a Necron Tombstalker from Forge World. It litereally had like 3 dozen little legs, plus little feelers as well. Truely horrific to pose.